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General questions

  • Our ultimate mission is to support visually impaired young people wherever they may be in the world to access education and generate both friendship groups and routes to employment. To secure this vision our goals are to collaborate with local school communities and their intermediary agencies in the Merseyside Region and other Rotary Clubs in our District 1180 and then, with some joined up Rotary, to replicate school community and Rotary collaborations nationally and internationally. Our aim over the next year is to produce lesson plans in the mother tongues of where the sighboxes are sent for this website.

  • We are part of and bound to the values of Rotary International and their terms of engagement. We share our impact stories and journey with you in real time on twitter @SightboxUK and, moving forward the impact case studies from the VI schools we collaborate with. We are and will remain transparent in our service to VI young people through the SIGHTBOX medium.

  • Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework our long term commitment to generate routes to employment is reflected in SDG 17 'partnerships for the goals'. Via connecting individual and partnered Rotary clubs, schools and 'networks of neighbourhoods' to twin with and adopt international VI schools supplied with Sightboxes, sightpacks and via the sustained and surrounding curriculum support from St. Vincent's pupils and staff.

  • We rely in the first instance on our collaborative partners asking for our support to named schools or individual children they are personally aware of and wish to help.

  • Together, we are at the start of measuring the real impact of SIGHTBOX internationally. It is therefore our intention to work closely with sightbox and sightpack recipients to take impact reports to share on Twitter @SightboxUK and on this website. Simultaneously, the new materials we generate for the box will be monitored and assessed by our University colleagues where we will maintain research and peer review publications. Furthermore, the work of SIGHTBOX as part of St. Vincent's curriculum will be and has been monitored by school Governors and trustees and the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) where St. Vincent's is currently graded as OUTSTANDING. These reports are accessible on the school website www.stvin.com and reflected in real time on the school Twitter @stvincentsL12 .

Innovation, projects

  • Our criteria is simple, can a product help a VI child to be included and access friendship groups and education and ideally can VI children participate in its research and development as part of their learning.

  • Yes absolutely. Sightbox is an ever evolving concept. We have a number of products we are researching at St. Vincent's at the moment and hope to hear from our collaborative partners and 'twinned' schools about new ideas we can help to turn into reality...and simultaneously generate teaching and training positions for VI pupils internationally.

  • We are supplied by a number of organisations with the content already under production i.e. a ball with a bell in it. Our aim is to help VI children themselves innovate and own the products which add to the sightbox concept. We will seek the best providers to produce new sightbox content with content developers i.e. VI pupils and their school communities.

Applying for products

  • Contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • We would hope that your commitment is with supporting the pupils and school to where we send a sightbox or sighpack, we hope you will wish to stay in touch with us so we can support and advise on the content usage.

  • We can usually rely on a sightbox arriving at a new destination within two to three weeks obviously depending on where or how remote the VI individual, group or school is located or if there is any conflict within that region.

  • No. But if they are not to be used we would ask for them to go towards the education of children rather than be wasted.

  • We really want your feedback via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by following us on Twitter @SightboxUK where you can send impact 'snapshots'.


  • We use any donations to source sightboxes and sightpacks to individuals and groups across the globe. We want you to be part of that process so you know exactly where your donation has gone and who it has supported. For instance, some Rotary clubs and schools have collaborated on funding a box and its transportation costs. We would like a conversation with you on how to collaborate and maximise any donations. We use our Twitter account to share your donation story with you @SightboxUK.

  • We do have a PayPal account or just drop us a cheque its upto you. We would be happy to discuss with you the best method that suits you, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • You can change at any time as you feel, we are not going to hold you to anything or ever chase you for anything more.

  • You can cancel at any time with your bank.

  • By supporting VI pupils with access sports and education we are right at the start of something new. It's because of this we will share with you the difference it is making for individuals and groups as we move forwards together on Twitter @SightboxUK and this website and via publication.

  • As a Rotary club we gift our time freely and do not have any paid administration officers. For each £1 donated we assign 10p to cover incidentals such as paper and printing.


  • Our aim is to provide support through the provision of lesson plans surrounding the use of sightbox and where St. Vincent's pupils can act remotely as trainers. In the future we wish to offer places at St. Vincent's for international pupils to become immersed in sightbox curricula and return to their country of origin as peer tutors.

    Simultaneously St. Vincent's school in collaboration with LJMU University has been granted the right to teach the mandatory qualification needed to be a teacher of the blind (MQTVI) we hope to open this to international teachers. We are of course always there on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Each box comes with a brief introduction on each item. We are building on this by providing email contact on how to add further lessons to each item and generate the surround curriculum. Moving forwards our work over the next year is to generate these lessons in the mother tongue of where the boxes are being sent.

  • In generating SDG 17 'partnerships for the goals' we have or intend to send Rotary members to the schools we are supporting to provide advice and take impact reports. Rotary St. Vincent's membership has a high number of educationalists and we are actively reaching out to fellow Rotarians with teaching and learning specialisms around the world. Simultaneously, in twinning sightbox recipients with school 'twins' in the UK our vision is to grow wider support mechanisms together depending on need at root.

  • Follow and share our story from Twitter @SightboxUK, come and join our Rotary club or another anywhere in the world , keep us and the pupils we serve in your thoughts and prayers . Are you bilingual? Can you help us translate sightbox lessons?


  • We have a core team of 5 people dealing with sightbox distribution and content generation who are all Rotary St. Vincent's members alongside our SIGHTBOX ambassador Angela Williams of Rotary and Inner Wheel. Beyond that we have the 20 plus members of Rotary St. Vincent's, the staff support from St. Vincent's school and beyond that the wider family of school networks supportive intermediary agencies and Rotary.

  • Managing our own frustration knowing how much we could do for VI children internationally yet managing what we realistically can do at this time. As we share our vision moving forwards it’s the connection of many small acts which will make our vision a reality.

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