English translation for Sightbox

English translation for Sightbox

Sightbox Sports brings together a range of adapted equipment to improve the activity levels, health and wellbeing of children and young people with a visual impairment. Alongside this, it also offers a myriad of opportunities for the pupils' of St. Vincent's School to continue to develop ideas, generate lesson content and deliver this content through various methods of access technologies such as skype, podcasting and audio lesson plans.

Content and basic functioning:

Sound ball

A simple piece of equipment which will enable fundamental movement and communication skills. Lesson plans have already started being developed which will enable the development of communication, mobility and orientation.

Talking pedometer

Assessing activity levels is essential. Not only will this record the number of steps taken by children during play or activities, but will also aid teamwork, communication and competition. Ideal for setting targets and measuring activity outcomes short and long-term.

Talking stopwatch

Included to support independence and will be used alongside group individual activities designed by St. Vincent's pupils.

Compact running line

A standalone piece of equipment which will allow children to run independently without the need of a sighted guide. Independent running will give many children and young people with VI a real sense of independence, freedom and raise self-esteem. Linked closely with pedometers and talking stopwatches, this can be used for various activities.

Tactile Boccia grid

A more complex piece of equipment which will support the delivery of many fundamental skills for VI children and young people including braille tracking, literacy and numeracy. Lesson plans and content are ongoing, designed by the pupils of St. Vincent's School.

Sleep shades and running tethers

Added to support the delivery of reverse inclusion activities. In short, blind children playing and developing ideas alongside their sighted peers.

Sightbox Sports is not an exhausted list – its aim is to continue to offer opportunities for creativity and the development of lesson content and new products.

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