What happens after you receive the products?

We will work with you to provide best solution.

Receiving the products is the first step from which we build the help from your point of need. Learning how to use each item in the box comes first, and then how to generate the surrounding curriculum for your VI school and VI individuals. This support is a work in progress, and frames how we wish to use this website and a multimedia approach to help you sustainably use the sightbox and connect you with a range of lesson plans for each item. Simultaneously, this is where we nurture teaching and learning which surrounds the use of and innovation within technology. St. Vincent's is open to VI pupils from around the world for immersion courses in how to use SIGHTBOX and then peer tutor its use on return to the country of origin. Contact us for more information.

How to use the products


Other languages will appear soon. If you'd like to volunteer and help us with the translation then please contact us.

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