Ways you can donate

Every little helps.



For donation by credit/debit card



Please make cheque payable to "Sightbox Trust" and send to:

Sightbox Trust

35 Heathfield Court,
Firtree Grove,
Whitby, Cheshire

CH66 2QT 

Please enclose a letter with your name, address, phone number, email address, and donation amount.

Please do not send cash through the mail

Gift, Empower, Difference

How your money helps...

£40 can provide a visually impaired with a sightpack (minus transportation depending on destination)
£100 supports teaching and learning research and development to be shared in future sighboxes (ask us for information on current innovation projects for specific information)
£400 can provide a VI school with a sightbox (minus transportation depending on destination)

For every £1 you donate...

90p goes directly to sightbox/sightpack purchasing
10p goes towards maintaining sightbox awareness (pamphlets , paper, website, transportation)

Beyond money, other ways you can help

Money is vital to run any project successfully. However, there are also other ways a person can help.

  • Volunteer
  • Translation
  • Record audio books
  • Raise awareness
    From social media to blogging about issues that you want to share. Alternatively, perhaps you might want to take part in a sporting event - or even jump out of a plane! Ask others to sponsor you for your efforts

Donation FAQ

  • We use any donations to source sightboxes and sightpacks to individuals and groups across the globe. We want you to be part of that process so you know exactly where your donation has gone and who it has supported. For instance, some Rotary clubs and schools have collaborated on funding a box and its transportation costs. We would like a conversation with you on how to collaborate and maximise any donations. We use our Twitter account to share your donation story with you @SightboxUK.

  • By supporting VI pupils with access sports and education we are right at the start of something new. It's because of this we will share with you the difference it is making for individuals and groups as we move forwards together on Twitter @SightboxUK and this website and via publication.

  • As a Rotary club we gift our time freely and do not have any paid administration officers. For each £1 donated we assign 10p to cover incidentals such as paper and printing.

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